• Deborah offers a wide variety of Energy Healing services for her clients depending on their specific needs. These services includes Crystal Reiki, The Emotion Code, Soul Realignment* Akashic Record Reading, and Property Clearing. Sessions can be done in person or by phone.

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  • Crystal Reiki Levels 1 & 2, Advanced Crystal Reiki, Master Crystal Reiki, and Crystal-Chakra Alignment Classes are available for individuals or groups. All classes include a manual written by Deborah Schuldes and set of 7 Chakra Stones. Check out our calendar for upcoming class dates.

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  • Most sessions are offered in 30 minute increments and can be pre-paid through the drop down menu. Follow this link for a full list of rates for the different types of sessions and classes that Deborah offers.

    Pre-pay online for all phone sessions.

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  • Deborah is an intuitive energy healer who enjoys helping her clients realign their energy field to their physical body. Depending on what the client needs, she can help to release energy blocks and restrictions, trapped emotions and heart walls, or restore chakras that are out of balance. Through her ability to clearly connect with Spirit, she can offer guidance through signs, symbols, and messages when she is working in the client’s energy field, either in person or remotely by phone. Deborah has a passion to Empower clients to reconnect to their highest expression and potential in alignment with their true Divine nature.

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  • Luke's Way, Keeping the Heart as Light as a Feather, was written by Deborah A. Schuldes, a mother who experienced the loss of her son in the last month of pregnancy. She shows us her perspective on how to view life through a broader consciousness, whereby allowing her healing to come from within. By following the synchronicities as signposts, along with trusting her feelings, she could access a higher awareness of her place in life.

    Deborah donates 10% of the profits from the sale of this book to Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support, Inc.


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  • "Deborah Schuldes is amazing! She takes Reiki to a whole other level. Feeling very sensitive emotionally and physically as a result of my breast cancer diagnosis, I sought out a more hands-on modality to healing. In Reiki, you remain fully clothed and the practitioner’s hands touch you lightly on different parts of your body throughout the session. Her sessions brought me peace, balance and strength to continue. Her channeled insights provided messages of support, guidance and healing. She is very visual and sees symbols that represent messages for her clients. She really helped me integrate my physical state during chemo and radiation treatments, as well as emotionally and spiritually, greatly aiding in my recovery. I was able to cope and manage stress better during a big time of change, and her sessions were a great adjunct to my own work in maintaining my connection to the divine. Her messages are very timely and apropos, providing helpful insight or confirmation to my own intuition. I highly recommend her! And I have to many friends and family!"

    D.D., Asheville, NC

  • Deborah is an incredible teacher, who encourages our own gifts of healing to shine. Her intuitive guidance provides loving validation and her gentle nature helped me feel safe to explore my own way of healing. Thank you for such a wonderful class!

    Josephine Bloomfield, Weaverville, NC